Sebastian Brock Artist Edition Diesis

Sebastian Brock Artist Edition Diesis

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Due to unique construction of this yoyo, this yoyo will never be "100% dead smooth". That said we have hand tested each yoyo and all that ship are approved and do not have any sort of vibe that will affect play, just noticeable if you "fingernail test". Some people will not even notice the small amount of vibe these yoyos have, but we want to be absolutely clear that these will never be as smooth as our other releases. Further, care should be taken not to aggressively overtighten.


When the Diesis was first conceived we loved the idea of only ever releasing special editions of it, featuring art from prominent artists in the yoyo community. Here we have the first release in this series of artist editions, featuring the work of Sebastian "Sebby" Brock.


Diameter: 54.6 mm

Width: 42.9 mm

Weight: 66.7 grams


Review from Let's Talk Yoyo: